New England Grant Works

How I Work

That's my 1961 Nordic Folkboat, Salsa, before launch, after I had cleaned, sanded, painted, and varnished her. That, in a picture, is how I work. When preparing your proposal, I invest the same level of care and attention to detail; I take the same pride in the result.

What do I charge? A reasonable amount that varies by organization size. I want you to feel that you're getting good value for your consulting dollars. I usually bill hourly, within understood bounds to avoid surprises. I do not work on a percentage or contingency basis.

Trust is paramount. Clients must trust that I'm not padding bills, grantmakers must trust that you're not exaggerating outcomes. I will not break that trust: I subscribe to the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards adopted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Quality. Value. Trust. To demonstrate that my work lives up to my words, I offer prospective customers a few free hours of consulting time towards an LOI, funding research, or a proprosal review. Call to set something up.

How I varnish