New England Grant Works


Proposals: Most people dread writing proposals. Not me, I enjoy the challenge of crafting a compelling case and presenting a program in its best light without overreaching. My proposals are concise and easy to read, they're honest, and they connect all the dots. Clients tell me they like them and grantmakers often fund them. I can write full proposals from scratch, edit completed drafts, or something in between.

Letters of Inquiry: Foundations often request that you first describe your program in a letter of inquiry or online form. A master of brevity, I can distill the essentials down to a few words that, when there's a good match, move the funder to invite a full proposal.

Reports: I take care of grant reporting requirements as well. A good report does more than document what you've accomplished; between the lines, it also looks ahead to set up your next request.

Funding Research: Anyone who's fished an online database for funding prospects knows it's slow, tedious work. I've developed tools to automate the process and quickly pinpoint good prospects. My funding reports gather the information you need in a format you're sure to like.