New England Grant Works


Satisfied clients? You decide.

I want to take a moment to recognize Marc's tremendous work to improve this templated proposal. Marc, thank you for putting in the extra effort, energy, and creativity needed to make this proposal sing. I agree, this is the best proposal we have put together for Marisla, at least in my 3+ years. Obviously, considering Marc's skill and work ethic, we are lucky to have him working with us.

At a time when we were really crunched for capacity, Marc came in and saved the day. He was able to quickly get up to speed and worked well with everyone to produce some excellent proposals in a timely manner. We always keep his number handy in case of a grant writing emergency!

This is a very strong proposal - one of the best I've seen - a well-organized, clear, and persuasive package.

Great work!

We hired him last month to draft a big proposal for our Great Lakes work and he did a great job. He's now working on a grant for us to the Goldman Fund. I would have him on long-term retainer if I could!

I'll be happy to provide client references upon request.